The Water Sprite

 ("Nøkken" in Norwegian)

The water sprite is cunning.  Humans are his prey.  When the sun sets, you must beware.  He could be lying under the large, shining water lily that you reach for with your hand. The moment you touch it, the quagmire will give way beneath you, and he will grasp you with his wet, slimy hands.  Or when you are sitting alone by the pond one evening - memories rise to the surface, at first one by one, then whole hosts of memories with the same warmth and radiance as the reflected sunlight between the leaves and the water lilies.  Watch yourself!  The water sprite is playing with your feelings.  The pond conjures forth the memories, and the water sprite lies in wait beneath.  He knows how easy it is to trap us in its beautiful, quivering reflections.


From the book "Troll" .






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