The Uniqueness of the Nyform Trolls



Our trolls are created  using a blend of natural materials. The main

ingredients originate from a certain type of tree and elements from the

earth. All are cast and decorated entirely by hand.


Since the entire skillful process of making these trolls is done by

hand, we would like to point out that every single troll is unique. 

They each display slight variations in  shape, hair, eyes, 

color and appearance. This certainly gives all the trolls

 their own distinct characteristics.


Over time you may even experience that the individual troll ages in

different ways as well. This may be due to variables from such things as

temperature, sunlit or shaded placements, humid or dry conditions, handling

of the trolls surfaces, etc. However, all the above are certain to make your

trolls even more valuable as very unique and charming collectibles.



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