"where the trolls come to life"

Tynset is the home of Ny Forms. It is a typical inland village in a thinly populated area of Norway. Mile after mile of open mountain area spreads out in every direction. There is a rich diversity of animal life adapted to the harsh climate where the temperature can fall to -50 degrees centigrade. Hunting, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities are important elements of life for many of the people of Tynset. There is fishing in the countless small lakes and long walks in the mountains, both summer and winter. Tynset lies between the three national parks, Rondane, Dovrefjell and Femundsmarka. Nearby is the famed skating arena, Svalan. This is a special place where many of Norway's sporting heroes have laid the foundations for international success. Long distance speed skating is one of Norway's most popular sports. Just look at Troll 252 and you might be able to picture the spectacle of statuesque skaters gliding noiselessly, round after round, through the mist.

Trolls have been an important element in the areas mythology even before Ny Form Troll came into being. Just south of Tynset you'll find "Jøtulhogget", Northern Europe's biggest canyon. According to legend the canyon was the work of a huge troll or jutul that needed more water for his mill. To do this he had to redirect the river Gloma over to his side of the mountain. He took an axe and cut a deep channel into the mountain "Jøtulhogget".



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