(Nuisance Trolls)


This is a sample of the smallest Norwegian Trolls.  Some of the guys are so small that they aren't even noticed by a lot of people. One will notice the trouble they cause, thatís for sure. Because small causes can make big headaches! The Tusselader know this, it makes them feel important and very busyÖ.


Many of these pests choose to live on the bodies of people who are dirty and smelly just like themselves. Big families of Tusselader sometimes make their homes in the beds of careless dirty people. So remember to clean up before going to bed.


They are also known to annoy many housewifes by sneaking into kitchens where they cause food to spoil, bread to become moldy, milk to go sour and butter to turn rancid. Tusselader are also great friends of the flies, bugs, mosquitoes and all kinds of other insects.


But should you be suspicious about Tusselader having moved into your home, itís important to live very clean and well-ordered lives. This is a good way of spoiling many of the best plans laid by Tusselader.


This troll description was provided by Thor and Joan Dahl from Florida.  They have done  research about trolls while Joan was working on her latest book "Norwegian Trolls and Rosemaling". This is very a unique resource on how to paint good looking trolls. It shows from step to step how to make the tails, faces, hands, shoes and clothes, and how to place the trolls in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to Joan for this great contribution to the world of trolls, which is available on her website: www.rosemal.com/web/  


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