Trollologist Test


Test your knowledge about trolls. 

Afterwards you can find the answers here



1) The ___________ the Troll the more likely he/she is to be turned to stone.

        a) Bigger

        b) Older

        c) Meaner

        d) More political


2) A kind Troll who is turned to stone must have become sand and ____________ first to become stone.

        a) Angry

        b) Heavy Hearted

        c) Lost in the mountains

        d) Suicidal



3) The Three Trolls in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit are named:   

        a) Burt, William and Tom

        b) Butch, Greg and Harry

        c) Sam, Bilbo and Strider

        d) Bill Ferney, John Meridoc, Tom Rocks



4) _______________ wrote “The Hall of the Mountain King”.

        a) Wolfgang Mozart

        b) Edvard Greig

        c) Sven Cumor

        d) Eric the Red



5) In the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” the Troll lived _______________

        a) In a cave under a bridge

        b) Under the Ice on Trollheiman Mountain

        c) Under a bridge across a ravine

        d) In a Condo in Manhatten



6) Trolls can work magic ______________

        a) Rarely but their skills seem magical

        b) Never, they have no magic

        c) Anytime they want

        d) On Tuesdays and every other Saturday



7) To be named a Troll Friend ___________

        a) Never can happen because Trolls are never friendly

        b) Requires you to risk your life for a Troll

        c) Is earned by kindness and service to a Troll

        d) Must be approved by the Great Troll in the Mountains



8) When confronting a strange Troll you should

        a) Lie down and play dead

        b) Offer him food

        c) Scream and run

        d) Challenge it to a game of cricket



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