Consecration Ceremony of troll Agner


On March 13th, Scottsdale Arizona the consecration ceremony took place at Trollshop. In charge of the ceremony was Victor Kurgan, which is well know to have a spiritual connection to the powers of the runes.  The newly carved troll, Agner, was patiently waiting to undergo a powerful transformation.  The four elements air, earth, water and fire were applied to the troll. - The four powers of Universe. 









The ceremony began with lighting a candle which serves as an on-off switch when shamanic work is undertaken. It is also a powerful symbol of the living light that is within us. 








The inner powers of participants were asked to be released to create energy circle around Agner. 

              POWER is released 







The first stage of consecration is putting Agner through the power of AIR (mind) and SMOKE (spirit).  The rune (A-rune) was assigned to Agner (first letter of his name).  Which carried along by the element of AIR, as with the breath, and finds expression in sound, music and speech, as well as in form. Listen to the wind, and you will hear the sound of  .







The second stage is putting Agner through the element of EARTH.  The earth was sprinkled over the nose of the troll. During ceremony the eyes of woodworker almost came out of sockets and Agner's creator's knuckles turned white.








Agner going through EARTH











Now it is time to put troll through WATER - the 3rd element.  Water is a fluidic power that rises from the WELL of the Unconscious  and cleanses and refreshes as it flows through all layers of existence. For it is a carrier of the Life force.  







The final stage of the consecration is FIRE. Fire is a power that turns "raw" substance into a crafted result.   Like the fire of a blacksmith's forge, it makes raw material pliable so it can be reshaped.  Same as the hands of the woodcarver reshaped formless piece of wood into the living troll Agner. 


The consecration is complete.  Agner is ready to step into the world. 





The sacrifices were made to please the gods and feast was assembled.