Invite your friends to a Troll Party



Recently we received a invitation to a local troll party here in Phoenix, Arizona.  We'd like to share this experience in order to give you some ideas about how you can make a troll party - it can be really fun!


The Invitation


The invitation told us about time and place.  We were strongly advised to dress up as a troll, or something similar. (Humans were also welcome, but should beware of trolls). Since not everyone knows how a troll looks, it was explained that "trolls are very very ugly, often have messy hair, big noses and tails.  A prize would be awarded to the ugliest troll. The invitation also had a picture of a troll woman making troll brew. 


Decorating the house


Gisela and Sam, who hosted the party, had turned their home  into an enchanted forest with tree branches suspended from walls and ceilings.  Gisela is a troll collector and the shelves were decorated with many different kinds of troll figures.  On the walls there were also great pictures of trolls from different troll artists. They had really created a "trollsk" atmosphere, to make the visiting trolls feel at home.


Food and beverage: 


The tables were covered with a lot of delicious food, and since trolls usually have good appetite they can eat quite a lot.  They had also made a troll brew from where it came bubbles and mist, and the trolls seemed to love it.  Other ideas for a troll party is to make Troll Cream, and to make troll labels for beer bottles.    






                                                                             Dress up contest


As the pictures indicate, there were a lot of creative troll costumes.  Some of the guests were dressed up so well, that they were impossible to recognize.  Each person got a paper with a number they had to attach to their costume.  Later everyone voted for their favorite costume.  The lucky winner received troll. 










                                      "SKÅL!" (cheers in Norwegian) for a GREAT TROLL PARTY


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