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This test is designed to challenge even the most ardent Trollologist.  It involves questions from the entire world of Trolls in legend and in current appearances in the world around us.  I think that there were questions in here that stumped each one of us in turn as we sat around by the fire inside the Trollshop and discussed it over a cup of our favorite hot brew.  I don’t think any of us got over 90% without looking at the answers so it really is not easy.  If you can pass this than you really deserve the title of Master Trollologist!   Good Luck and enjoy!



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    1)         Sea Trolls are called..

A)   Thoris

B)   Tritons

C)   Fossegrim

D)  Nøkken

     Answer 1:


    2)        The Great Norwegian King who could turn evil trolls to stone was ..

A) Harold the Fifth

B) Olav the Pious

C) Forkbeard the Mighty

D) Eirik the Red

    Answer 2:



    3)        Mischievous Trolls that live in homes and barns are commonly called ..

A) People Trolls

B) House Trolls

C) Farm Trolls

D) Strange Trolls

    Answer 3:



     4)        Trollhetta means..

A) Troll Head

B) Troll Home

C) Troll Horse

D) Troll Hood

    Answer 4:



    5)        Ny Form Trolls were originally designed by..

A) Trygve Torgersen

B) Theodor Kittelsen

C) Henrik Ibsen

D) Anders Himself

    Answer 5:



    6)        A type of troll that appears as a beautiful maid is called a ..

A) Huldra

B) Tusselader

C) Nisse

D) Nøkken

    Answer 6:



    7)        A mean troll who is turned to stone is said to have been ..

A) Really stupid

B) Hard headed

C) Hard hearted

D) Hard bodied

    Answer 7:



     8)        Little toothache causing trolls are called ..

A) Fossegrim

B) Tusselader

C) Tooth Fairies

D) Niegesseinnie

    Answer 8:



    9)        The distinguishing feature of the troll mentioned in #6 is ..

A) she cackles like a hen

B) she has a cow like tail

C) she has cloven hoofs

D) she has a fondness for girlscout cookies

    Answer 9:



    10)        Troll dolls known as Dam things were created by ..

A) Carl Dammes Andersen

B) Stein Erickson

C) Thomas Dam

D) Daniel Anders Muldine

    Answer 10:



    11)          The writer who was a contemporary of the ‘Brothers Grimm’ who collected Troll Stories and other lore was ..

A) Moria Soria Christensen

B) Andrew Lang Bjørnnsen

                C) George Webbe Dasent

D) Peter Christian Asbjørnsen

    Answer 11:



    12)         Tusselader are often known for ..

A) Tangling hair

B) Turning fruit rotten

C) Avoiding clean homes

D) All of the above

    Answer 12:



    13)        A kind troll who is turned to stone may have been ..

A) Heavy hearted

B) Weighed down

C) Frozen by sorrow

D) Empty headed

    Answer 13:




    14)        The movie about the life of Edvard Gried, who wrote great troll music, was called ..

A) Norwegian Song

B) Heart of the Mountain King

C) The Wonderful Life of Edvard Grieg

D) Song of Norway

    Answer 14:



    15)        In  The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien the three trolls were turned to stone by ..

A) The magic ray from Bilbo’s ring

B) Gandalf the Wizard’s magic spell

C) The first rays of the morning sun

D) Watching to much TV

    Answer 15:



    16)        The Gnome-like friendly farm helpers in Norway who are contemporaries of the Trolls are called ..

A) Nisse

B) Niesson

C) Nestors

D) Nessie

    Answer 16:



    17)        A mountain peak that lay near Stalheim, Norway is referred to as ..

A) The Troll Watcher on the Mountain

B) The Troll Face in the Mountain

C) The Great Troll of Norway

D) The Troll and the Old Women

    Answer 17:



    18)       In the story “The Troll and the Hare” Gruff’s wife gives him what for Yule? .

A) a new knitted scarf

B) an elkskin coat

C) a new knife

D) a pet Hare

    Answer 18:



    19)       In Peer Gynt, Peer is asked a riddle.  What is it? ..

A) What is my daughter’s greatest desire?

B) Would you choose my daughter or this beautiful gold drinking bowl?

C) Which would you rather be or a Troll?

D) What is the difference between trolls and men?

    Answer 19:



     20)      Humans say, “Man, to thy own self be true.”  In Peer Gynt Trolls say ..

A) Troll, to thyself be- enough

B) Troll, do as thy wilt seem good

C) Troll, to thy kind be true

D) Troll, thy will be right

    Answer 20:



    21)      In “The Magic of a Troll Heart” Maas starts out as 24 to 25 cm but to save Carl’s Grandfather he grows to ..

A) Two feet

B) Forty-five Centimeters

C) Three Meters

D) Two Meters

    Answer 21:



    22)        Troll magic comes ..

A) from the heart

B) from nature

C) from the gods

D) all of the above

    Answer 22:



    23)        Grandpa Carl’s Great (times five) Grandfather Bernt is said to have been the first ..

A) Troll Artist

B) Trollologist

C) Troll Master

D) Troll doll Maker

    Answer 23:



    24)        The story “The Legend of the Phantom Troll” takes place ..

A) Outside Hunstad, Scania, Denmark

B) On Troll Face Mountain

C) In the Trollheiman Mountains

D) In the Fjord near Oslo

    Answer 24:



    25)        In Peer Gynt the Trolls are the ..

A) Dovre Trolls

B) Dover Trolls

C) Durham Trolls

D) Draugen Trolls

    Answer 25:



    26)        The winning troll Limerick was called ..

A) A Troll named Oslo

B) Two Headed Tribute

C) A Fun Pun

D) A Tribute to Grieg

    Answer 26:



    27)        The First “Phantom Troll” was ..

A) Zeka

B) Zeka’s father

C) Zeka’s brother

D) Zeka’s Uncle

    Answer 27:



    28)        A Troll child that was switched with a human child is called a ..

A) Trollette

B) Nissing

C) Squawling

D) Changeling

    Answer 28:



    29)        Which is not another name for a Nisse

A) Tunvord

B) Rommegrot

C) Tuftekall

D) Tomte

    Answer 29:



    30)        When a Huldre marries in a church what happens? ..

A) She turns very ugly

B) She turns to stone

C) her tail falls off

D) her hair turns silver

    Answer 30:



    31)        In “A Visiter in the Night” the visitor is named..

A) Zeka

B) Charlie

C) Blender

D) Carl

    Answer 31:



    32)       At sunset Trolls ..

A) Come out of hiding

B) Go to bed

C) Watch TV

D) Go into hiding

    Answer 32:



    33)             A House Troll is very fond of ..

A) Steak and eggs

B) Curds and whey

C) Cheese and crackers

D) Cream and butter

    Answer 33:



    34)             What type of Troll can go almost anywhere? ..

A) A young troll

B) A light hearted troll

C) A very careful troll

D) A very old troll

    Answer 34:



    35)             What phrase did Zeka come back and say to Bernt by the fire?  

                       (It might have been the first time it was said to humans.)

A) Takk for Maten

B) Greetings from the Trolls

C) Opprinneleg Melding

D) Troll, to thyself be–enough

    Answer 35:



    36)             A lazy old Troll who grows heavy and turns to stone is said to be ..

A) A stupid old fool

B) A Mountain Troll

C) A Stone Bored Troll

D) A Rock Tough Troll

    Answer 36:



    37)             The Troll in the book, “Harry Potter” was knocked unconscious by ..

A) A Spell by Dumpledore

B) Being tripped by Harry’s magic wand

C) A Spell by Ron

D) Being tackled by Hagrid

    Answer 37:



    38)             Why do Trolls live under bridges? ..

A) It is protected, warm, dark and moist

B) They can grab an easy meal from those who cross

C) No one knows for sure and the Trolls haven’t said

D) Low rent and hot and cold running people

    Answer 38:



    39)             Dovregubben has to do with ..

A) A Norse Constellation used by the Vikings

B) A favorite food of the Trolls

C) A Troll King in Dovre

D) A Norwegian drinking song

    Answer 39:



    40)             The Vaalerenga Trolls are:

A) Located in the Vaaleren Mountains of Norway

B) ‘Trolls’ who play professional American football

C) Norway’s Champion Soccer Team

D) Another name for Water Trolls

    Answer 40:



    41)             A young boy in Norse folklore who makes a kettle of 'Troll Daughter

                       soup is named..

                                 A) Butterfinger

                                 B) Buttercup

                                 C) Butterball

                                 D) Butternut

    Answer 41:



    42)              According to Norse Mythology a very long nose on a Troll is good for ..

                                 A) Smelling Treasure

                                 B) Stirring Soup

                                 C) Snatching Goats

                                 D) Seating Birds

    Answer 42:



    43)              In Norwegian Folk tales a families Yule feast is saved by a . .

                                 A) A Big White Cat

                                 B) A Big White Bear

                                 C) A Big White Wolf

                                 D) A Big White Troll

    Answer 43:




    44)              Theodore Kittelsen ..

                                 A) Wrote several Troll novels

                                 B) Is a famous “Troll” soccer player

                                 C) Brought trolls to life in pictures

                                 D) Was a Norwegian King who loved Trolls

    Answer 44:



    45)             In a famous troll story a boy tricks a troll by ..

                               A) Dressing as a goat and talking

                               B) Squeezing water from cheese

                               C) Getting him to ring a church bell

                               D) Making him kick his head into the sun

    Answer 45:



    46)             According to an article on the Troll Page, trolls have been photographed

                               A) Skiing at Aspen, Wyo.

                               B) Hiking in Carlsbad Caverns

                               C) Hiding in Goblin Valley, Utah

                               D) Exploring relics at Mesa Verde,  Arizona

     Answer 46:


    47)             Which is not a company that makes the ‘cute troll dolls’ ..

                               A) Lucky Me

                               B) Uneeda

                               C) Russ

                               D) DAM

    Answer 47:


    48)            Who was the ceremony master in the consecration ceremony of the troll Agner

                              A)  Victor Kurgan

                              B)  Grandpa Carl

                              C) Jesper Osther

                              D)  George Busch

    Answer 48:


    49)              Some trolls have the ability to re-grow a limb and heal quickly.  This process is called ..

                              A)  Resuscitation

                              B)  Reanimation

                              C)  Regeneration

                              D)  Reconstitution

    Answer 49:



    50)              A Two-headed Troll claims the advantage of having two heads is

                               A)  They can see both sides of an argument

                               B)  They can see where the are going and where they have been

                               C)  They always have someone to argue with

                               D)  The can see both the things in the past and in the future

    Answer 50:




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