Trolls in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah!

For those of you who do not know the winter is quite cold and snowy in the Rocky Mountains especially the Wasatch Range in the State of Utah. This weather, however, was great for one of our favorite activities, a Troll Hunt. This activity , this time of year, involves only a few items, a good camera, some very warm hiking clothes and a willingness to brave the elements all for the chance of taking a picture or two of a Troll in the open. When we went out  we were extraordinarily lucky and these photos are the results. Some of the photos are a bit blurry because they had to be taken quickly before the Troll noticed us and ducked for cover (trolls are notorious for not wanting publicity so they hide quickly rather than be exposed). The eight pictures here are of 7 or 8 trolls, we arenít sure.
As you look at the pictures I will label them going right to left then down each pair. Pictures # 9 and 10 were added in March 2005.

1) We heard this Troll coming as his Kicksled crunched the show. It was interesting to see the rabbit on the seat.


2) These two trolls and their wolf friend vanished very quickly just as the photo was taken so it is a bit blurry. We werenít sure but it appears that the one is wearing a mask and a cape which means this may be the first photos of one of the Phantom Trolls that I have heard of.

3) This is a second picture of the Troll on his Kicksled taken later in the day.

4) We heard a fox yip and turned just as this head rose above the mogul.
He disappeared just as fast when the fox barked again.

5) This Two Headed Troll emerged from the woods near the top of a craggy area. The moose did not even look startled as he (they) looked around the area. I think he spotted us but he did not vanish as fast as the others but I was unable to get another picture because I had used the last of that roll. He (They) even waved before he disappeared into the shadows.

6) I think this Troll was planning to climb a nearby hill to ski down it when we appeared. He did not stay around for me to get a second shot.


7) This Troll looks like a tree in the distance, if he had not been moving I might have not even noticed him. I do not recall how he vanished but a sudden gust of wind blew up a bunch of snow and when it settled he was gone.

8) I think this Troll was a show off. He came out of the woods, struck this pose and then as the shutter clicked he was gone... but we got the photo.


 9) Photo added in March 2005





10 ) Photo added in March 2005

We hope to go out again next year but who knows.. In the meantime we will keep our cameras handy because one never knows when the opportunity may appear to get that perfect Troll shot.

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