Troll dwellings found under a glacier in  Trollheimen


 Trollheimen is located in the northern part of the central mountains in Southern Norway and is a very popular area for mountain hikers. The word Trollheimen means "The home of the Trolls", and the legends say  that the mountains in this area originally were trolls that were turned to stone while caught by the sunrise. The size of the mountains in Trollheimen indicates that the trolls that were living here must have been huge. 

Some of the mountains in Trollheimen have their names connected with trolls.  At the top of this website you see Trollhetta "The Troll Hood", and to the right you can see Trolla, which is the highest mountain in the Trollheimen (1850 meters). 

Blåhø (1671 meters), see picture to the left,  is the highest summit in the central part of Trollheimen, and has a special secret. In the glacier, just below the summit, there are two caves under the glacier that sometimes are open. These are called  Speilsalen (The mirror room) and Blåsalen (The blue room).  


In 1999 a group of trollologists were visiting Speilsalen, which happened to be open that summer. There was a myth that trolls still might have their dwellings in these ice caves well protected from sunlight, and the mission of our special group was to search for trolls. 


After a half a days hike the trollologists entered the area were the cave was supposed to be located, and they started searching around for an opening in the ice.  As they passed around a little corner of the glacier, the ice suddenly opened up, and they were met by a spectacular hole in the glacier which was well protected with hanging ice spikes.  This dramatic sight looked like the mouth of a  huge and dangerous shark. 

Despite the scary conditions, the troll specialists slowly entered the cave. As they moved further into Speilsalen, the light from the sun disappeared, and they had to use headlamps.  They made sure to have weak batteries in their headlamps to avoid bothering trolls with their light.  

When the trollologists were well into the ice cave, they turned off their headlamps put on some warm clothes and sat down quietly waiting.  An hour passed, but all they could hear was dripping water for the shark teeth protecting the opening of the cave. At one point one of the trollologists thought she heard a deep voice whispering some strange words, but since the other group members did not hear anything they concluded that she might have fallen asleep for a moment and that she actually had dreamt that she heard something. The trollologists explored the whole cave, (except for a part of the cave that was too high up to get into) and but unfortunately they did not see anything that indicated any existence of trolls in the cave. 








On the way out of the cave they stopped admiring the fascinating ice formations again and they all agreed that this would have been a perfect place for a troll to live.  




Just before leaving the cave, the trollologist that heard the mysterious whispering wanted her picture taken outside the opening of Speilsalen.  When the photos from the expedition were developed the trollologists discovered something surprisingly interesting.   As the trollologist had been studying the ice formations at the cave opening, a huge troll had been watching her from the inside of the cave. 


The following years the snow and ice conditions did not allow people to get into Speilsalen again.  So when you visit Norway, make sure to check if Speilsalen or Blåsalen is open, and you might be able to see a troll with your own eyes.


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