The creation of a wood carved troll.


Creating an original wood sculpted troll is a time consuming and fulfilling process.   Now we will take you through the steps of how the troll Agner came to life. 



To achieve a large scale troll, a pieces of wood need to be glued together to get the right size.   







The first step in the process of making a troll is to create a clay model.  It is important to get a general shape and design before starting on the wood.  The clay can be adjusted and modified, but a wrong cut in the wood piece will remain forever. 


Next step is to draw a silhouette onto the piece of wood. 











The excess wood is removed with a band saw, using the drawn silhouette as a guide line.  (Be sure to watch your fingers!)









Now the cut out figure is clamped into a carving vise. The chisels used for the carving process must be extremely sharp.  










 The largest chisels are used when roughing the figure out. 











The first step in roughing out the figure is to get the right thickness by carving out each side according to the shape of the clay model. 













Now the rounding process takes place. A wooden mallet is used to remove large quantities of wood. 










After two days of sculpting the rough shape; the figure slowly appears. 











The legs and arms are roughly initiated to allow for minor details and adjustments.  The roughing process goes fairly quick in comparison to the detail work. 











Now the belt and other features become more prominent and life shines out of what once was just a block of wood. 












At this stage the wood has been carved according to the clay model.  From this point onwards the clay model is no longer used as a guide.  This to allow more artistic freedom for details. 











The troll and carver now goes through the most difficult part of the process - to agree on, and create expression and life. 










The longest and most tedious task is carving the final details and sanding wherever there is skin exposed.  It has taken about 10 carving days to reach to this stage. 















The carving process has finally been completed. The base the troll sits on has been cut out to the artist's desired shape. Signature and runes representing the troll's name have now also been carved into the base.  








Prior to the coloring process a layer of linseed oil and a sealant was added to the entire troll. 














Earth tones were chose to reflect the troll's natural habitat. 

This process is tedious, and takes a steady hand.  











The name of the troll - Agner- is written on the base in the Norse alphabet called Futharks.  


Now Agner is 100% complete and ready for consecration process.