Make your own troll cave

-inexpensive, easy and fun



By following the easy steps below, you too can make your own troll cave, and create a troll environment for your troll collection. The size of the cave I made above is 4" wide, 2" high and 2 1/2"deep. This is how I did it. 


1. How to make rock out of paper. 


To create the walls of the cave, I used regular brown craft paper which I rolled out on the ground.  For the cave above we used about 30 feet of a paper roll which was 3 feet wide.  


For this cave I picked the colors  gray, green and brown, which are colors you often find in rocks. (Different kind of gray tones would also make a nice rock look. I let the paint dry a little before I put on the next color. It would probably also work to blend the colors together if you want less contrast between the colors.  


The framework of the cave. 

A wooden storage shelf like the one to the left makes a perfect framework for a troll cave.  Bookshelves, large cardboard boxes or corners might also work well for holding the cave.  I fastened some boxes to the bottom of the shelf, in order to make more levels in the cave, and make it more exciting. 

Fastening the walls

To fasten the walls to the cave, a stapler, tape and thumb tacks are handy tools. The painted crafts paper is stiff, and easy to wrinkle when you fasten it to the framework. You should use a lot of paper, so you can wrinkle it a lot to create the right look of real rock.  

....and after a little while, the cave had walls.  The white hole to the right in the cave is supposed to be ice for the ice skater troll.  A mirror would might look even more authentic. 

I wanted to decorate the cave with some wood that I found in the forest.  Before I took it inside, I brushed off the dirt and sprayed it with some bug repellant to avoid bringing ants and bugs into the house.  


When I put the old wood pieces and some moss that I got from a friend into the cave, it made the whole cave look more alive.   Some rocks would also look nice in the cave, so next time I go in the mountains, I'll search for some rocks with colored moss on them to bring to my troll cave. 













And finally it was time to fill up the cave with my trolls.  See how happy they look inside the cave - well protected from the sun that can turn trolls into stone if it shines on them. 


Of course there are many ways to create a troll environment, so if you plan to make a troll cave, utilize your own personal creativity.  If you would like to see some other ideas about  making troll environment in your home,  click HERE