Troll Dough


Did you know that you can make figures and pictures out at salt, water and flour?  In Norway this is called Troll Dough, and is a quite popular activity for young and old kids. One day not so long ago, a couple of young creative artists came to visit, and we decided to have some fun with Troll Dough. This  is what we did:


To make the dough, you need:

1 cup water

2 cups salt

3 cups flour 

and a little cooking oil. 

Put it in a big bowl, and make a compact dough out of it.   Knead the dough until the consistency  is easy to work with. (Don't make it to soft). 



Create different kinds of figures.  For instance trolls, foot-and hand prints,

marbles, fake cookies, flowers .. anything you can think of.



This is what our little artists came up with.




When it is all ready, put the things you have made on a tray and

put it in the oven, which is pre-heated to 175 degrees (80 degrees Celsius). 

Keep the figures in the oven from 2 to 6 hours.  The time is depending 

the thickness of the figures. You can find out if the figure is ready by

knocking on its thickest point. It should be hardened completely through.


When the figures have rested  and turned cold again, it is 

time for painting them - another fun process.  We used some 

paint we got at a hobby store.



Finally all our figures looked nice and colorful. 


This is an example of a flower made by an older child.

It makes a nice decoration, and a good memory from a fun activity.


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