Tann-Verk-Trollet (The Tooth Ache Troll).
Some of the smaller Trolls made their own caves by coming into children's bedrooms at night when the children were sleeping. One of these was named Tann-Verk-Trollet (Tooth Ache Troll). This little rascal carried a small hammer and chisel with him. He could walk right under a closed door so it was impossible to lock him outside. After entering a child's bedroom, he quickly climbed into the bed to see if the child was sleeping. The first thing he would do was to look into the child's mouth hoping to find dirty teeth! If the teeth were unclean, he would immediately begin to dig HIS CAVE in the tooth. When he was finished, he moved right into his new home and began to raise a family.  When the child woke up in the morning, his tongue soon told him that he now had a hollow tooth.
The best defense against this Troll was that he didn't like to work on clean teeth. He seemed to know that a toothbrush was very apt to sweep him right out of his new home.
Hår-Lugg Trollet (The Hair Troll)
Another small Troll was known as Hår-Lugg Trollet ( Hair Troll). He would build his home in the hair of the same kind of careless children about cleaning. Smart boys and girls knew when the found snarls in their hair that Hår-Lugg had started to build a home there. They quickly spoiled these building plans by washing their hair and brushing or combing it afterwards.Norwegian Trolls & Rosemaling

These troll descriptions was provided by Thor and Joan Dahl from Florida.  They have done  research about trolls when Joan was working on her latest book "Norwegian Trolls and Rosemaling". This is very a unique resource on how to paint good looking trolls. It shows from step to step how to make the tails, faces, hands, shoes and clothes, and how to place the trolls in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to Joan for this great contribution to the world of trolls, which is available at her website: www.rosemal.com/web/

(All the artwork on this website is created of Joan Dahl)

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