The largest troll on Earth


Troll, the eight wonder of the world.  Troll is the name given to the largest, tallest structure ever moved.  It weights more than 10 super carriers and is taller than the Empire State Building.  Built in Norway, predominately by Norwegians, this natural gas platform will supply 30 million homes with natural gas for 50 to 75 years.  Built inside a fjord near Vats, Norway, it was moved 174 miles out to sea, to a site 140 miles outside from Bergen, and a 1000 feet above the ocean floor.  It is connected to shore with a tunnel cut in solid igneous rock.  At a cost of $ 1 billion dollars this is the world's largest gamble because of the many risks during building and moving.  One slip and it would trip over and sink.  It was just completed in 2000 and the first over 40 wells in producing gas.  


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