How the trolls "come to life"


The people making the Ny Form trolls knows more about trolls than anybody,

and they may even have a dash of troll blood running through their veins.

These people are proud of what they do, and it is important for them that

you get the quality and satisfaction that you expect from these trolls.

A considerable amount of work is put into every troll that is made. Based on

Ny Form's traditions, the artist transform his ideas into three-dimensional

characters, and this may take several days to complete.

A mold is then made from the model, and it takes a few weeks before it is

ready for production. At this point the time consuming process begins of

making the characters that are presented to you.

It takes at least a full day and night to cast a troll. In addition, to survive, they go through a secret process throughout the second night that builds their strength and harden their skin. Finally, the trolls are put through a series of transformations that in the end make up their individual looks.



Martha is making the final 
touches to a 116 troll.  
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