Troll Limericks

Limerick # 19    (26 votes)      Winner of The Troll Limerick Contest:  Martin Calderwood (Utah/USA)


Two Headed Tribute


A Troll stood by sadly for hours

Near where'd been two shiny bright towers

With hot tears in his eye

He could not understand why

Yet he hurt with the world's greatest powers.


Trolls come from lands far and near

Through legends and myth they appear

But right now, Today!


They wish comfort and love without fear!


Limerick # 2    (4 votes)


My husband he went for a stroll

To the mailbox where he found a troll

He guessed the connection,

Twas for my collection

And, wow, did his eyes start to roll!


Limerick # 4  (4 votes)


In the deepest of rills in the mountains

near the wildest of clear water fountains

Live the wonderful Trolls

In their safe, cozy holes

And in the sun they will rarely come outin!


Limerick # 9   (2 votes)


Trolls are the stuff of-which legend is made

Whether at home or while out on a raid

So if you are out there

In the cold Scandia air

Be cautious but never afraid.


Limerick # 10   (2 votes)


With a Nyform you get a great friend

A Troll upon which you'll depend

With a smile or a wink

All your troubles they'll sink

And heartbreaks and sorrows doth end


Limerick # 11   (2 votes)


Some say that all trolls deal in charms

That are likely to do good folk harm

But mine never do

For they smile the day through

And greet me with wide open arms



Limerick # 1    (1 vote)


There once was a troll from Australia

Who felt that his clothes were a failure

So he went on the net

To the "The Troll Shop" (you bet!)

Where he found all the best troll regalia.


Limerick # 3  (1 vote)


Tribute to Grieg


To find a Troll sometimes is hard

In mountains or in your backyard.

Though live trolls are rare

You should never dispare

'Cuz there's always the songs of Edvard!


Limerick # 13   (1 vote)


There once was a Belgium troll,

who want to become a real doll.

Her nose was to long,

her smell was to strong.

And so the end became a flat fall.


Limerick # 18   (1 vote)


Anders the name of a troll man

His TrollNews and figures lift this fan>

The Trollscope gives hope,

And his notes help us cope.

Could he be from a Secret Troll clan??


Limerick # 5


Fun Pun


The music of Trolls when on key

From Scandia is heard sea to sea

In these measures quite rare

there is none to compare

But in music it's 'all Grieg' to me!


Limerick # 6


It's fun when you think of a Troll

Be they Tolkenish, Nyform or droll

Be they big as a house

or a small as a mouse

They're all fun to have and to hol'


Limerick # 7


The most realistic trolls are the Nyform

To the ones found in legend they conform

They have greater detail

And they sell at retail

And their 'Troll News" is there to inform!


Limerick # 8


Trolls come from Norway and Sweden

But they were in the Garden of Eden

For if Adam and Eve

Were both truly deceived

It took a Troll, not a snake to Believe in!


Limerick # 12


I've heard said that trolls are no good

Coz they skulk under rocks and in woods

But mine stay at home

They prefer not to roam

And would say so if only they could!


Limerick # 14


There once lived a troll

With a very scary smile

He had only one eye

And a breath

That you could smell it for a mile.


Limerick # 15


There was a time we didn't know

About a shaggy rough-haired soul

But once in the fountains

And deep in the mountains

We found a troll named Oslo


Limerick # 16


There once was a troll from New Brunswick

Whose toes were as long as a yardstick

While picking his toe jam

Which smelled quite like stale spam

He discovered that he could just lick it


Limerick # 17


To make up a poem that's a limerick

With Trolls in you need to be quite quick

From the Billy Goats Gruff

To Peer Gynt playing rough

I've attempted so many I feel sick!!



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