Troll Limericks

We at the thought it might be fun to add a few more limericks to the list we already have so here are a few Martin and I came up with.  To our surprise when we finished we had told quite a story.  


A Troll Tale in Historic Limericks

by Martin O'Calderwood and Grandpa O'Carl



A very young Viking named Lief

Said "In Trolls do I have a belief.

They are ugly and mean

And they smell quite obscene

And I don’t want them giving me grief!



A few hundred years passed in a row.

Stories and pictures by Asbjornsen and Moe

Told in horrible ways

How the Trolls passed their days

In creating for Men pain and woe.



The true Trolls were all totally vexed

Their minds and their hearts quite perplexed.

Blamed they were for foul deeds

Done by other dark breeds

By ogres and giants were they hexed.



True Troll o’re the years had oft spoken

Their secrets and hearts all to open

To the Trollologist’s mind

Came the words of Troll kind

In hopes barriers ‘tween them would be broken.



So the Troll image did gradually improve

As the truth once and for all did at last prove

That to Troll’s Nature’s way

Is what they’re taught to obey

And they seek to without guile or reprove



Then along comes Old Tom Damm and Nyform

Uneeda, Russ, Fosse to all inform

That with Longtails and more

It is safe to explore

How mankind and Trolls now conform


Trolls were once thought of as frightful

They seemed evil and stupid and spiteful

But as humans evolved

The problems resolved

Now Trolls are considered insightful.


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