Jesper Osther 


                                 A creator of original wooden trolls.   


Jesper Osther was born in Denmark and grew up in Denmark, Sweden and USA.  He spent several summers of his childhood in the Sweden visiting his grand parents.  Like other Scandinavian kids he was told stories about trolls.  Especially the stories of the Swedish Children book author, Astrid Lindgren, and the books with troll illustrations of John Bauer, captured the young kid's mind.   Jesper remember that he as a boy found the deep forests of Sweden mysterious and a bit scary when it got dark in the late summer evenings.  The stories, illustrations and the surroundings in Sweden was influencing Jesper's perceptions of trolls. 


In middle school and high school he took art classes, and he learned wood carving form a German master wood carver, and after graduating form high school, Jesper decided to go to Switzerland to study wood sculpting for four years.  During his studies  Jesper also carved orders for customers who came to school wanting custom work.    In 1992 he was awarded the degree as a Master Wood Carver from the woodcarving school in Brienz in Switzerland.  


Today Jesper is living in Scottsdale Arizona, USA.  He carves figures, restores furniture, and works with interior designers to produce custom furniture and ornamental work.  He is also giving weekly classes in wood carving.  Carving trolls is one of Jesper's big passions because it allows him to have total artistic freedom. 


Other figures carved by the artist.


How a wooden troll come to life


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Other figures carved by Jesper Osther









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