The Ny Form troll´s origin



Somewhere in the middle of Norway, you will find a small and sparsely

populated mountain village called Tynset. It is located at the foot of a

five thousand feet high mountain named Tron-fjell, which is in the Northern

end of the long and narrow valley called Østerdalen.

This is the place where you breath fresh mountain air, drink clean water

from the cold streams, and meet people who live in perfect harmony with the


One clear and cold moonlit night in the winter of 1964, something magical

took place in an old red barn in Tynset. The countryside was deeply

blanketed by freshly fallen snow, and the full moon beamed its arctic white

light through the ice crystals on the barn windows. Inside, on a worn wooden

table, the Norwegian painter and sculptor Trygve Torgersen had just added

the finishing touches to his first troll model.

His creation was a personal interpretation of a troll based on numerous

fairy tales and mythology steeped in the rich Norwegian folklore and


Famous Norwegian artists like the author Henrik Ibsen, the painter Theodor

Kittelsen and the composer Edward Grieg, are also among those who helped

capture stories, images and music depicting trolls in various ways based on

their own interpretations of the common folklore and mythology.

Mr.Torgersen and his wife Evelyn established together the company Ny Form in

the beginning of 1964, and the old red barn became the home and symbol for a

new breed of trolls.

Over the years Torgersen's family has also become involved with the

company. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather Mr.Torgersen, the

artist Bjørn Schulze is now responsible for creating new troll characters

along Ny Form's traditional design.

These authentic Norwegian trolls were an instant success, and have

ever since won enduring popularity among collectors around the world.



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