Destination Mesa Verde  

        “Living inside of mountains”.

More than fourteen centuries ago, in about A.D. 500, ancient Americans came to live in southwestern Colorado in the place known today as Mesa Verde. For hundreds of years these people lived and farmed on the flat mesa top.  Then, around 1190, many of them moved into alcoves in the cliffs of narrow canyons below. Nimbly climbing steep rock walls, they carried stones, water, and mud for building.  Later, when the structures were complete, the inhabitants brought crops harvested from nearby fields, freshly killed wild game, and other things they needed to live. Members of the village produced pottery, baskets, and finely crafted stone and bone tools.  Traders from far away came with shells, cloth, and news from the outside world.  It was a thriving, productive community. 

Then, in the late 1200s the people abandoned their alcove homes in Mesa Verde, never to return.  Today Mesa Verde is a very popular tourist destination in the Four Corner area (where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet). 

A troll story from Mesa Verde

While exploring the ruins, we noticed that we were not alone.  A troll women was peering at us through one of the doors of the ruin.    
We stood for a while and observed the troll, which was looking around and pointing with her hands while she was talking with herself. 
Since the trolls are quite shy of nature, it took quite a while before the troll stepped out of the doorway to take a closer look at us. 
The troll women told us that she was homeless, and that she was looking around for a new place to stay.  Since trolls originally live inside of mountains, she thought that Mesa Verde would be a great place to live.  The place is large enough for a whole troll family, and there are many rooms where the troll kids  could play troll hide and seek.    
The troll woman didn't have very much time to talk with us, since she was busy planning her new home....
.... so she went back into the ruins again.  If you visit Mesa Verde some day in the future, don't be surprised if the cliffs are inhabited by trolls. 



Photo from Long house - Mesa Verde.  

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