Troll observed at Joshua Tree National Park


Joshua Tree National Park is located in the high desert of eastern southern California, approximately 140 miles east of Los Angeles. Over 1.25 million people visit Joshua Tree National Park each year, where 75% of the park is considered to be wilderness. A wilderness area offers visitors an opportunity to experience nature which is predominately free of roads, buildings, power lines - the visual obstructions associated with modern life. You find a  fascinating variety of plants and animals in the park, as well as exciting  areas consisting of rock piles that attract hikers, rock climbers, and yes, even trolls.


While visiting the park on a rock climbing trip at the end of April, we observed a troll playing around in the rocks. The troll looked very happy and friendly, and there was no doubt about the fact it was having fun.  We tried to get as close as possible, in order to take some close up pictures of  the troll. The troll was not shy at all. It climbed down and posed for us, before long it started to play with some human children that were also visiting the park.



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