The Huldra

The Huldra is a mysterious and tricky creature, and is considered to be a part of the troll family. She is fair-haired and beautiful, and had it not been for her cow's tail, she would look like an ordinary girl if not exceptionally beautiful. Occasionally she tries to hide her tail in order to lure young human men into marrying her. Once the man agrees to the marriage, and they are married in a church, the hulder's tail falls off, but the true nature of the troll remains in the huldra. If the man doesn't treat her well, she will turn incredibly ugly, and the man will suffer and regret being tricked by a hulder throughout his marriage.  So men, watch out! You never know when the next beautiful woman you see is actually a hulder in disguise.


Did you know that there is also a Huldra in the Nyform Troll family.  She probably just got married, because she carries her tail in her hand.






This picture is from the book:

"The Scandinavian Elves. Their

life and history.


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