Gallery of Trolls

Trolls live in nature, and they can be really hard to spot.  If you take your time to look well around, you might be so fortunate to see a troll.  With a little imagination you can see trolls as rocks, trees, roots, mountainsides and other nature formations that look like trolls, or maybe they are trolls????  We receive photos from our readers of trolls they have spotted, which we publish at this website.

If you spot a troll in the nature, share it with the rest of us by sending it to and we will be happy to publish it in our Gallery of Trolls.

                Thinking Troll


We received this troll photo from Anton in Slovenia, with the following message.

"The thinking troll was made by nature. I found it in the forest, it`s very heavy ( about 120 kg). Now is like statua im my garden".

It looks like this troll has been sitting in the sunshine for a while, and has turned to stone.

What do you think this troll is thinking about?

    Troll Hinding in tree

If you take a closer look at the large tree, you can see an eye of a troll hiding in it. This troll probably keeps an eye on the skiers passing by in the forest close by Flagstaff in Arizona.   








A troll in the desert

This troll lives in the Desert in the Superstition Mountians east of Phoenix, Arizona.  The troll is about 20 feet tall, and turned to stone because it could not escape from the hot desert sun. The troll is standing on a ridge  guarding a mountain called  Miners Needle.

Cheryl's Troll  NEW

My girlfriend snapped this shot of a troll in a tree in Sweden.  Here was her comment:

"This guy peeked out at me while we were walking in the woods in Taby, Sweden and we caught him before he managed to get all the way back in the tree! Pretty cool huh?!"

Cheryl G.

Connecticut, USA


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Place for your troll picture

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