Ms Belly Big and Jed

This may not be quite the collection that you have in mind but this is MS B 
and I have had her for over 40 years.  Way before the Gnome book was 
published, MS B had many of the same aspects to her life.  Her real name is 
Belly Big (as we know these type of "Wishnicks" do in fact have large 
tummies) and she is 2576 yrs old.  Belly is the family name-for example her 
daughter's name is Belly Big II and her son-in-law is Belly Big Boss. (He has 
since dropped the -Boss-part as he knows this is rather a political no-no.
Anyway-MS B has quite the personality and isn't afraid to let you know about 
it.  She is most kind to all and takes in many friends.  "She" has asked me 
to attach a picture of her very good friend named Jed. He is the one with the 
Hope you have some fun seeing them.  By the way, Norfin is an adoptee of 
theirs and he is from Epcot too.
Ms Bee

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