Things you should know about the trolls



People everywhere find the looks and uniqueness of the Ny Form trolls very

intriguing. Many find something of themselves in these characters. We would

also like to point out that the Ny Form trolls are very popular among

collectors all over the world.

Our trolls are known to be well behaved and good-natured. However, they are

as sensitive as any human being, so treat the trolls with respect and


Of course, a single troll will get lonely. A good advice is simply to

provide it with more trolls from the same family.

According to legend trolls will crack when exposed to direct sunlight, and

we generally suggest you keep your Ny Form trolls in a dimly lit and well

shaded area of your home.

Remember, these trolls are not toys and they should not be played with. 

Please treat them accordingly. Create a suitable living environment for 

them in a good and safe place within your home out of reach from small 


The mountains and forests with its rivers and

lakes is the natural home for the trolls, and therefore they are very

concerned about the environment. Take good care of the nature wherever you

go or whatever you do, and always help protect the trolls habitats. In

return they will always be grateful to you. Treat them right, and the trolls

will stand by your side for a very long time.

Legend says that a troll in one's home will bring good luck and fortune.



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