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Here you can find troll stories. This is also an opportunity to publish your troll story or troll illustration.


A Gallery of Trolls  

as seen in the Nature 

Articles about trolls


Records from Story Tellers, Trollologists and Master Trollologists

Trolls, America and ‘Getting Around’

Troll Sayings and words of wisdom  

Troll Magic         

Early Trollhood   


Troll Poetry - Humor and Music

Big Clawz And the Yuletide Carologh NEW!


The Great Yule Day Race

A Night Before Yule Day (troll version)

Troll Limericks

More troll limericks

Troll Humor  NEW humor added !


Troll Collections


Special troll-pieces from Canada  

Jim's World of Trolls

Troll Greetings from Azerbaijan

Ms Belly Big and Jed  

Joerg's Troll Collection (Canada)


Troll Cave

How to make a troll cave and create a troll environment for your troll collection.


 Troll Observations

Trolls observed in Washington state

Trolls in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah

Dating Trolls

Bathing Troll 

Dancing Troll at Scandinavian Festival

Troll dwellings in Trollheimen

Troll at Mesa Verde (Colorado)

Trolls visiting Scandinavian Festival

Climbing Troll observed

Troll seen in the Grand Canyon


Troll Artists

Lumsk (troll music) 

Erik Theodor Werenskiold

Asbjørnsen & Moe  

Jesper Osther 

Theodor Kittelsen

John Bauer 

Trygve Torgersen

Edvard Grieg  (troll music)

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Troll descriptions



The Huldra

The Water-Sprite

The Tooth Ache Troll

The Hair Troll

The Farm Nisse (and the Nisse)


About Ny Form trolls


The Ny Form Troll Value Estimator 

History of the Ny Form Trolls

The Ny Form Trolls Origin

Tynset - where the Ny Form trolls come to life

Things you should know about Ny Form trolls

The uniqueness of the Ny Form Trolls

How the Ny Form trolls come to life




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The Longtail Trolls  

Troll stuff

Master Trollologist Test

Troll Test

Troll Consecration Ceremony  

Creation of a wooden troll  

Why trolls turn to stone  

Ideas for a Troll Party

How to make troll dough figures

The Largest " Troll" on earth

Troll Cream recipe

The 1st Troll Wall Bouldering Contest

The 2nd Troll Wall Bouldering Contest

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