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It is that time of year again, the season of joy and good will. Over the years I have been asked how the Trolls went from being the creatures who feared Christians, Church Bells and Sunlight to the Children of Nature they are today. This epic poem tells us of one of the main reasons the Trolls began to change yet it is only part of the story. This is the story of Big Clawz and Carologh, two trolls who lived hundreds of years ago and how their lives helped change Trollkind forever! I hope you enjoy this and that it adds to your enjoyment of the Christmas/Yuletide season. Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Trollshop and Troll blessings to all!

                                                 Grandpa Carl


Big Clawz And the Yuletide Carologh

By Martin Calderwood 



He Stood eight foot eight that's over two meters tall

He was the orneriest and meanest Troll of them all!


To his forefathers he may have seemed not all that bad,

But the Trolls all around him considered him mad.


They called him Big Clawz, he was strong, he was tough!

He'd push and he'd hurt till all Trolls had enough!


He would growl, he would balk, he would act fierce and mean,

So everyone went 'round him to avoid making a scene!


One day, let me see, near the end of December

The twenty-fifth of the month, if I rightly remember!


All the trolls gathered 'round from places far and near,

They did so in secret because of their fear.


They'd talked and then plotted to be rid of this beast,

They'd wanted him gone 'fore the today's Great Solstice Feast!


But nothing suggested would have the proper effect,

They'd given up hope thus the feast would be wrecked.


So in secret they'd come without letting him know

If he came storming in they'd demand that he go!


The Feast started well, their was plenty of food.

They thought that they'd done it, all were in a great mood.


Then suddenly a cry. He is coming this way!

Like a soft puff of smoke the good mood went away.


Twas then that a young troll, Carologh by name

Said "Let's win him with kindness. He'll not be the same!"


At first the trolls laughed then they hemmed and they hawed,

"What weird ideas are these coming from someone so odd?"


For Carologh had been North, and he'd have been their still

But he'd met Father Christmas, learned of Peace and Goodwill.


At that time Trolls hid for they feared many things.

Sunlight and Christians and especially bell rings.


They were frustrated, they struggled, they did not know how to fix it,

No matter how hard they tried Trolls like Big Clawz would nix it!


"Why should we listen?" they all cried finally as one.

"Your strange ways, they're foolish and won't get the job done!"


But Carologh was persistent, he taught them a way.

"For Trollkind," he said, "this will be a new day!"


"We can try it on Clawz, if it works well on him,

Our future, our prospects will not seem so dim.


And just at that moment Big Clawz burst on the scene

He did so with bluster and a loud roaring scream.


The Trolls cowered back, away all would race

But Carologh stood forth boldly a kind look on his face.


"Friend Clawz" said the troll, "we've awaited your showing!

Now we can feast, let's get this party going!"


Big Clawz ceased his bluster the words rattled his mind.

He moved slowly forward wondering why they were so kind.


He was lead to the front, to the merriest large space.

He was given food, drink and an honorable place.


When the feasting was done Clawz was truly well-fed

And nobody acted as if they wanted him dead.


He did not understand and was still quite suspicious

Why would any Troll treat him in a way so auspicious.


And to all's surprise, except for one very young troll,

Big Clawz left most quietly no longer out of control.


It took days even weeks but the Trolls did persist,

Their kindness and respect got to hard to resist.


One day he was gone with the arrival of Spring

He'd traveled up North without saying a thing.


Time passed by swiftly, for the Trolls life grew better still,

as they learned a new lifestyle seeking peace and goodwill.


Then slowly they changed not all Trolls but most did

They no longer feared Christians or bells and yet they stayed hid.


As for Carologh, he lead out showing all a clear path

He did so with love and by making some laugh.


Then to all their surprise and to Carologh's great delight

they started to miss Clawz, without him things weren't quite right.


And then it was winter and so approached the great feast

The Trolls again gathered from the great to the least.


The talk turned to Clawz, they all wondered where he'd went.

They all wished him well and hoped his time was well spent.


And if young Carologh knew Clawz' location he kept his mouth sealed

He sat quietly as if waiting for something soon to be revealed.


They were full and content when they ended their meal

It was time for the show, Northern Lights, a big deal.


Then down from the North came the light from a star

and inside was a figure who had come from afar.


His hair was all white and his clothes rusty red.

Yet he wasn't a stranger though they'd feared he was dead.


"Hello Father Troll or should I say Mr. Clawz"

said Carologh the young Troll as all burst into applause.


"Are their any young trolls here who have been very good?"

And all raised up their hands and their tails as they should.


Clawz then passed out presents to the young and the old

Spreading peace and goodwill in the deep winter's cold


Soon that goodwill and peace spread out cross the land

to trolls of all types, every group, tribe and band.


So if your out in the North woods near the twenty-fifth of December

Here is one thing that you should always remember.


That be you a troll or a human, adult or a child,

I want you to keep these special facts carefully filed..


That the world needs much more the wise trolls or wise men

The world needs good will and peace once again.


And Old Father Troll, well he visits each cave

leaving hope, joy and presents with young trolls who behave.


And if you should meet him as he's out making his rounds

even though he's a Troll don't greet him with frowns.


For like Santa and the others he'll love you and he'll bless you

he'll add to your peace and he'll never forget you.


And like all the others as he walks off out of sight

He'll say "Joyous Yuletide and to all a good night!"