Photos from The Troll Wall Area


Photos of the South East Corner of Nordre Trolltind May 30st. 2003

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On a nice and sunny day in September 2002 I travelled past the Troll Wall area in Romsdalen. 

I plan to visit the area again during the summer of 2003 for some climbing, and the pictures

below I'd like to share with other climbers that have an interest for this exciting part of Norway. 


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Pictures For the Route "Sørøsthjørnet" at Nordre Trolltind. 


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Pictures showing the approach to the start of climbs as "Sørøsthjørnet" and "Fiva Ruta"

The approach is rated grade 2, and takes about two hours if not protected.


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The East Pillar at Semletind


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Semletind.. the big wall to the left og the Troll Wall